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Below is an email that we received from Skye’s mum Paula.

Our wonderful Community Nurse Louise first put us in contact with Chris & Ursula from the Children with Cancer Fund, we first met them at Pottery Painting. We had a fantastic day, Skye painted pottery whilst I chatted to parents of other children suffering from various forms of this terrible disease.
Chris and Ursula spoke to me about granting wishes not just for Skye but for us parents too.

In December a trip to the Pantomime was organised by CWCF with an after show party with a Lady Gaga tribute act, Skye still believes she has met the REAL Lady Gaga and loved having her picture taken with her.

A fantastic surprise for me was the delivery of a new mattress for our bed, Chris had spoken to my partner and between them they had conspired to surprised me, I don’t do surprises but this one was so very much needed and appreciated. Skye has received a Laptop from the fund with a built in DVD player. This was a fantastic gift, she is now able to have contact with her class through a special website they have, play her much loved Monster High Dress up games and watch DVD’s when we spend time in hospital. It’s given her a new way of keeping in contact with family who live abroad.

We are so enormously grateful to the CWCF and the people who support and donate to them. This special charity gives our children the opportunity to mix with children who have similar anxieties and enables them to socialise and make new friends. It gives us parents a chance to relax, chat and meet like minded people who share the scariest of journeys but can offer each other support, understanding and a compassion for the bravest children we have the honour of loving.

How is Skye now?

Skye today

As you can see, Skye is now a very happy young lady who enjoys posing for the camera (alongside Minnie Mouse).

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