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Oliver W

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Oliver was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) in Sept 2021 .

It all started in Aug 2021 with what we thought was simply a back ache . We had various trips to A&E and each time being sent away , paramedic visits and diagnosing a sprained back injury which would require physio . We were advised to speak with the GP . The next morning we called the GP and he wanted to see Oliver straight away . When we arrived with Oliver in a wheelchair as he could no longer walk due to the severity of the pain Oliver’s Dr along with a lead practitioner had prepared a lengthy letter to take to Hastings A&E department and to not leave until these certain things they had outlined had been done .

From Hastings Oliver was then transferred to Eastbourne and after a few nights there receiving fluids and blood transfusions with still no diagnosis we were transferred to the Royal Marsden .

Within 24 hours Oliver had had a bone marrow biopsy and the diagnosis .

Oliver’s journey was far from simple . He was delayed in starting chemotherapy as Oliver had now tested positive for covid . He started chemo 5th Oct his Dads birthday .

A few weeks later , we had the news that chemo hadn’t brought Oliver into remission and that he could now go onto regiment c but that he will eventually need to have a bone marrow transplant . This was devastating for us as a family .

In Dec 2021 we found out that both his siblings were a bone marrow match ! Jacob being the closet so it was decided that due to that and his age they would use him . Oliver was offered to take part in a trail through great Ormond Street. The new treatment – Car T Cell which would use Oliver’s own modified T cells to fight any B cells.

Oliver went into GOS Hon 30th March 2022 and cell day was 6th Apr after 6 weeks in hospital everything was looking great and Oliver was on top form . the best he had been in ages . After around 4 weeks of being at home we had the call to say that car t was no longer effective and they are now urging for him to have a bone marrow transplant asap . We had an extremely busy few weeks of various hospital appointments for both Oliver and Jacob. Jacob started the injections to produce more cells the day before his birthday . He went into the Marsden and they managed to collect a whopping 14 million cells (4 million were needed).

Oliver’s original transplant date was put back by 2 weeks as his little sister had what we thought were chicken pox and they obviously couldn’t risk it . Oliver took the delay extremely hard and this was the 1st time that he showed and said how  he was feeling . Oliver went into hospital on the 12th Aug for high doses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and received the transplant on 18th Aug!

Oliver was in hospital for 10 weeks . He has had a bumpy journey since being discharged with more stays and various tests and scans , but he is still in remission!

CWCF have been so supportive and we have had so much fun with them . From the panto and party to Oliver getting the opportunity to go in a plane and even take control . Our wonderful wishes and Oliver’s 18th birthday wish . We can not thank them all enough . The support they offer families in such a difficult time is priceless and we are so grateful.

Oliver W
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