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Below is an email that we received from Penny and Steve after their trip to Drusillas Zoo.

Thank you for a very special evening out at Drusillas. The Children, Oliver, Curtis, Jasmin and Lisa, who is profoundly handicapped and does not often come to such events, plus US of course really enjoyed the evening.

The weather was good and the animals were lovely to see. I have to say the children loved “The Farm Animals” as they could touch the pigs and the donkeys and lovely little ponies.

They milked the cow (that was not real but I’m not sure they noticed) and the monkeys and all the animals were well worth seeing. There were lots of things to see and read as you went round, lots of things to try out.

The play area was something else. We had run out of time! The last trip on Thomas The Tank Engine, they loved that hot-dogs and orange were provided free. The children went on the biggest slide I have ever seen, at least as high as a house! Well they loved it all.

The best time we have all had for along time.


Penny and Steve Herring x

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