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We received the paperwork from the Charity Commission and set about filling in the forms.  Whilst doing so we spoke to other groups that had been down the same road and soon realised just what was involved. Several groups said that if they could get out of the registered system they would and that unless we had someone who could spend a lot of time filling out the returns, writing letters and lots of other tasks we should think very hard about it.

We began as a small group of family, friends and neighbours with a simple aim.  None of us were paid and that was the real crunch; if we were to become a registered charity we would have to pay a solicitor to go through our books.

We already have an independent auditor who audits our books each year and that we thought was enough.  The spare time we have goes into fund-raising and if more time has to be taken out for more book work, who is going to suffer?

Our published accounts are available to view on the Charity Commission website HERE

A group of people, including CWCF staff, standing in front of a building.
A group of people standing next to each other.

In our eyes it will be the children. Our books are there for the public to look at whenever they like.  After all they are the ones who give us the money which enables us to grant the wishes, so they are the people we have to answer to.

As things moved on and CWCF got a bit bigger we drew up a Constitution.  This would be available to anyone who helped us or took an interest in what we did.  The idea was to become a registered charity for which a constitution was a necessity.

James and Kirsty got married and their jobs in London meant they had to move, but they still come and help at larger events and have a say in what we do.  In their place have stepped Maggie Barnett (Secretary) and Ashley Ireland (Vice Chairman).

The photo is what finances are all about – making the families happy. This was taken on our Isle of Wight Trip 2019 ❤️

We are affiliated to 3VA, which is the Council for Voluntary Services for Eastbourne, Lewes District and Wealden, and to the Wealden Federation of Voluntary Organisations, and proud to be so.

We also keep them updated on what we are doing, or have done. They are very supportive if we have any problems, and can normally point us in the direction of someone that can help if they cannot.

Children with Cancer Fund Child Jumping Logo
Help children with cancer enjoy being children