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Childhood cancer remains one of the most devastating diseases affecting children worldwide. The emotional and financial toll it has on families is unimaginable, and something we work tirelessly to reduce for local families, here at Children with Cancer Fund.

To launch our 25 Dreams Campaign, we are initially looking for 25 ‘Dream Makers’ that are willing to donate £25 per month to contribute towards the ‘dreams’ we create for the families we support. We would LOVE to have you on board.


To become a Dream Maker, we are asking you to commit to a monthly donation of just £25 to Children with Cancer Fund. By donating this amount, you will become an integral part of our mission to support families battling childhood cancer, from diagnosis, throughout treatment, and beyond.

Your monthly donation will help us to provide:

  1. Wishes – Providing not only just the diagnosed child, we provide individual wishes for the whole family. We at CWCF believe it is so important for everyone to receive a wish & feel special. We have provided wishes from tablets, days out, weekends away & so much more. With your help we can continue to grant more smiles to these brave families by providing more wishes.
  2. Caravan Breaks – Having a break between or after cancer treatment is imperative for families to ‘escape’ from the burden of childhood cancer. Your donation will help us to continue providing caravan holidays across East Sussex, so families can spend much needed quality time together.
  3. Social Events – Children with Cancer Fund is committed to organising events so that families can ‘forget’ about treatment and spend time with other families who understand exactly what they are going through. With your support, we can continue to host social events and unite young people and their families.
  4. Financial Assistance – Cancer often comes with exorbitant outgoings, including travel costs and extra, unforeseen expenses. Your donation will help to alleviate the financial burden on families, allowing them to focus solely on their child’s wellbeing.
  5. Emotional Support – The journey of battling childhood cancer is an incredibly challenging one, not only for the child but also for their entire family. By donating, you will help us to provide emotional support services to these families, ensuring they never feel alone in their fight.

By uniting as a community, we can provide a lifeline for these courageous children and their families. Your monthly donation of £25 may sound small, but it’s power as a collective, is immeasurable.

To recognise your generosity, we will honour our Dream Makers by including their names in our monthly social media posts throughout the rest of 2023 & you/your business will receive a ‘Dream maker’ certificate as part of our campaign. This is our way of expressing our deepest gratitude for your support and commitment to our cause.

Please don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Join us on our mission to support children and their families affected by childhood cancer, and bring light into their lives when they need it most. Together we can have

a lasting impact and ensure a brighter future for these amazing local children and their families.

Thank you for your consideration, and for offering hope to families in their darkest hours.

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