What donations can fund for our families

June 20, 2022
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Ever wonder where your donations go?

All the money that is donated to CWCF, whether it be through fundraisers or independent donors, goes towards supporting our families, and contributing towards exciting social events that unite children with cancer and their families with others in the community who are going through similar experiences.

Caravan holidays on the South coast enable them to spend quality time together away from treatment, small acts of kindness such as receiving a bouquet of flowers can put a smile on the faces of mums who only have time to think about how to get through a week full of hospital visits, and a weekend away allows parents to bond and rekindle a relationship that may have been strained during a stressful time. Spa days remind carers that they can have some pamper time to themselves, looking after their own physical and mental health which is often neglected when their child is diagnosed with cancer.

It’s not just the fun aspects of our work that your donations help fund, it’s the practical ones too. Your donations can buy a car repair for a family whose vehicle has broken down, and is a lifeline for them as they try to get to the hospital for urgent appointments. Any amount, large or small, can go towards school uniforms when a family is in need and trying to maintain aspects of their normal life.

Your donations can buy a tablet or laptop, which have recently helped children complete their GCSE work, whilst also providing a means to entertain themselves whilst in hospital as they play games or chat to friends and family over facetime.

Your donations also look after the welfare of siblings of children diagnosed with cancer, making sure nobody is left behind.

What donations can fund for our families
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Children with Cancer Fund Child Jumping Logo
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