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The Martello Bottle on the Bar

April 1, 2020
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Customers and staff of the Martello pub in Langney have come up trumps by being the 1st to return their bottle on the bar. Not only was it a loose change bottle, but a swear pot and they even ran a competition to guess how much was in the bottle for 50p a go. They are all brilliant people, with hearts of gold. It started with a phone call from Helen and off we went to collect it. 

Helen with the full bottle.

Then it went home to be sorted, notes from coins. At this point, we also chose the lucky note. When we distributed the bottles, we started a game where anyone who put a note in had to write their name on it and the lucky note that's pulled out will get an extra prize from Zoe’s treasure room. As you can see the winner was ‘Jobby’. 

Once the sorting was complete, we popped the money into a suitcase and wheeled it off to the Metro bank where the magic machine did the trick. The money went into the machine and off we went to the counter to pay in the notes.

Thank you everyone for your support. In total we raised... ???

Have a guess and the person nearest will win a gift or a nice bottle of something from Zoe’s treasure cupboard ??

The Martello Bottle on the Bar
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