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Action pack day at Ninja Warrior

March 9, 2024
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On Saturday 9th March we took 14 of our families for an action packed day out at Ninja Warrior Eastbourne. Ninja Warrior provided drinks, pizza, nuggets and all fun party foods children enjoy.

One family has this to say about the event "Seeing familiar faces and the kids making friends was something I really enjoyed about this event. We appreciate and are thankful for the drinks and food at this event. It was nice to get all the families together having fun and seeing smiles on all their faces."

Another family said "It's great to spend time with other families who have been through the same thing. And these events that are put on make a big difference and builds friends between families."

It was great to see the children come together and help each other at various points of the Ninja Warrior course. It was heart warming to see the children support and encourage each other to climb the inflatable ladder and forming new friendships.

More quotes from the families:

"We were so lucky to have time and fun together"

"Thank you for giving my kids something to smile about"

Thank you to Enterprise Cars for supporting this event.


Your donations and support help make these events possible. If you would like to donate please follow this link

Action pack day at Ninja Warrior
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