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Let's Talk: Fundraising

February 10, 2023
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Make a bigger difference this year

You don’t have to donate money to make a difference. Here are some imaginative ways for you to support the causes close to your heart this year.

Raising money for charity should be fun and easy. This makes the likelihood of not being scared off a little less likely, right? Below, we’ve listed some ideas to raise money for charity

Face your fears - There is nothing better than watching someone do something that they really don’t want to do.

Jumping out of a plane, holding a tarantula or abseiling the tallest building in your city are just a few ideas to get your spine tingling!

It may not be fun for the fundraiser, but the audience will likely fork out some hefty sponsorships to see it happen.

Organize a sponsored sporting event - Sponsored sporting events are always popular for our fundraisers, especially if there’s an extra level of difficulty involved.

You can usually organize sporting events yourself or sometimes they can be organized by other groups. There are pros and cons to both options:

Events organized by someone else are often easy to partake in. All you need to do is register, train and turn up. Although sometimes you may need to pay a fee or represent a select number of charities.

If you organize your own event, all funds go directly to the charity. Though there can be a lot of hard work getting everything organized. Some examples of events our teams have organized include: a London to Paris bike ride and a virtual Haiti bike ride, all carried out in the comfort of being indoors.

Get sponsored for shaving your hair - Raising money for charity doesn’t need to be hard! For the brave fundraisers out there, why not get sponsored for cutting your hair off?

Getting a head-shave sponsored is a great fundraising idea, and one many people in the office are likely to contribute funds towards!

Extra: if the hair is long enough it can be donated to charities that make real hair wigs for patients that have lost their hair.

Go on a recycling hunt - Climate change is a hot topic… and the increase in plastics going to oceans and landfill is slowly killing the planet.

Raise funds for your charity by collecting recyclable items such as crisp packets. Crisp packets can be collected and exchanged for cash donations towards the charity of your choice.

Host an auction night or raffle - An auction night is a great way to get everyone together.

AGF fundraisers organized an auction night in aid for “Three going to Haiti” to raise funds for the AGF while running the Holden Haiti Half Marathon. Auction nights are not one of the easiest to organize, but you will definitely reap the rewards. The “Three going to Haiti” sold out on the night and ended up raising £8,000!

Wash cars for charity- One of the easiest charity fundraising ideas you can do, especially in the Summer. Grab a bucket, sponge and have a source of water available – you’re good to go.

Find a venue, possibly your office car park if you have one and offer to wash cars for a reasonable fee.

Compete in a marathon event - Go the extra distance and organize a marathon event. Looking to play the longest ever football match? How does playing 12 hours of table tennis on rotation sound?

You may even get some local PR out of this event. Warning, plenty of time is required!

Bake, bake, bake! -

A bake-off is a brilliant charity fundraising idea for all ages. If you have a secret recipe ready at hand, people will be flocking towards your cake stand ready to part with their money for a scrumptious treat.

Split the load by adding a competitive element, that way people will bring in their own cakes, a panel of judges to pick a winner?

Create a tuck shop - An unmanned tuck shop is a simple fundraising activity.

Simply stock up on some goods and people can help themselves when there is a need for a sugar rush or a munch on some crisps.


Raising money for charity doesn’t have to be difficult. Getting past the first hurdle and coming up with ideas is usually the most difficult stage. Hopefully you now have plenty of ideas and are in the process of seeing them through for whatever charity you choose.

Know CWCF is ALWAYS here. Day or night if you ever need support we are here for you. We are here to hold your hand in the dark times & celebrate with you in the good. It’s just what we do!

Let's Talk: Fundraising
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