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Bringing us together through grants

August 20, 2021
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Here at Children with Cancer Fund we are immensely grateful to have recently received a grant from Enjoolata Foundation, which will go towards our family events in Brighton and Lewes.

Enjoolata Foundation is a local charity which has the aim of enacting social and environmental change through providing grants to those who can realise this change at the community level.

So you may be asking what will this grant go towards? This will be for funding our ever-so important family events based in Brighton and Lewes, which have proven time and time again to bring our CWCF community together, through allowing families to spend time together and forget about the difficulties of a cancer diagnosis. These family events are of paramount importance to give children with cancer- and their siblings- an opportunity to have fun and make friends, something we believe all children have the right to.

We are so excited to start this ongoing partnership with Enjoolata, and hope that with this support we can continue to give our CWCF families fun days out and trips together where they can create positive memories.

We can’t wait to see what family events our team will put together!

Bringing us together through grants
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Children with Cancer Fund Child Jumping Logo
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