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Biking for Belle

September 1, 2021
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“For a while I’d been involved in helping to raise money for multiple charity’s through different motorcycle groups and really enjoyed it the fact I could use something I loved to help others.

I wanted to do something different and actually take the time to raise funds myself with the help of other motorcyclists. So I set about actively looking for something I could give to and bring other bikers into.

It was one day that me and Vicky my girlfriend saw on Facebook something that upset us. Naomi from #team Belle had put these charity boxes in shops around the local area in Hastings and unfortunately one had been nicked out of one of the shops by a member of the public whilst the shop keeper’s back was turned.

I then got in contact with the family and met up with them to discuss how myself and the biking community would be able to help out. We chatted about doing a ride to raise money for Belle to be able to fly to America to get treatment, that at the time, she was in need of.

Since then Belle received some fantastic news and her prognosis was a great improvement to her health.

It was then decided that any monies raised would be handed back to the two charity’s that had so greatly help out Belle and the family which was yourselves and Taylor made dreams.

Since then we have done a second ride out with the help of ourselves (South of England Bikers) and 1066 riders (TSS). Last year we also had Eastbourne motorcycle Rideout’s  (EBMR) helping us as well to raise money.

I have also raised money by shaving my head and my beard off to raise a sum of £260 for yourselves. It has been something I have always wanted to do, and if it makes a difference in someone else’s life then even better.

We are all on this earth for a short time so doing what we can to help each other out makes everyone’s life that much better.

The Rideout’s we do will take place on a yearly basis. So I’m guessing you’ll start seeing plenty more of us.

Thank you for the opportunity to help and thankyou for the great work you guys do to make other people’s lives that little bit easier.” – Isaak Constant

Biking for Belle
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