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Isla-Rose's 60 Second Story

December 28, 2017
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Hi, here's our story.

We were contacted by CWCF when our little girl Isla-Rose, 5 years old at the time  (2016) was diagnosed with a rare form of Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

They were our first link to connect with other families going through childhood cancer. They gave us the opportunities through their social events to mix and share our story with other families that understood what we were going through and how we were feeling and able to discuss treatments and all things hospital, medicines etc.

Chris and Ursula made us feel very welcome and helped us connect with other local families.

CWCF have granted us three wishes that have given us some happy smiles and happy memories through the cabin retreat wish that they granted.

Without CWCF we would never have met other families that we can chat and compare stories with and also receive and give advice and support.

Samantha and Will Thomas

Isla-Rose's 60 Second Story
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Children with Cancer Fund Child Jumping Logo
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