Before I was diagnosed with Leukaemia last November, I was quite active. I played football for Seaford Town Football Club and I would always go over the park to play with my friends. But now due to my treatment I have to spend most of my time indoors and all I really do now is play on my Xbox or my iPod.

Because of my treatment I get quite shaky hands and so it’s quite hard for me to use my iPod because of the small screen. I really wanted to get an iPad and thanks to Children with Cancer Fund, they have kindly given me one, which has a bigger screen and is much easier to use. It not only helps me when I’m at home but when I have long days at the hospital for treatment as it keeps me entertained. I am very grateful to everyone who helped me to get this. It means a lot.

Children with Cancer Fund have also helped my sister with her Art degree course by giving money for art materials, and I know that she is very pleased and grateful too.

Thanks to Chris, Ursula and everyone at Children with Cancer Fund.

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