Festive Fun for the 13-18’s

Festive Fun for the 13-18’s

On Wednesday 11th December, we took fifteen of the 13-18 year old’s that we support to the Yew Tree Pub in Arlington for their annual Christmas Meal ???✨

As the teenagers arrived, they were greeted by Jess and Chloe and offered a soft drink whilst finding a comfy seat at the table in the conservatory reserved for CWCF. Chris took care of the parents with drinks and nibbles whilst the teenagers enjoyed their time together. There were delicious meals all round followed by some amazing festive puddings, each and every teenager thoroughly enjoyed their meal and had great fun catching up with old friends as well as meeting new ones.

Each year at the Christmas meal we give the teenagers some post-it notes to write down some ideas for 13-18 events they would like to take place the next year. We had some fantastic suggestions which will help us to plan the teens events for 2020!

Thank you so much to the Yew Tree pub for once again being so accommodating and for their ongoing support, it is truly amazing. We would also like to thank everyone who makes these events possible ?❤️

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